Thursday, July 31, 2008


Hi i am cole, some people now me because i am miss peaches grand bean. my new 8 mouth old cat is o'malley. he is a sweet playful cat my dad oliver and i rescuid him from the sausage factory. i am jeter harris NOMSS he is my great cat friend for more than a year now. jeter and i are dedicated baseball fans even if his team the NEW YORK YANKEES need a LITTLE help {aCATually they are rockin right now!} o'malley and i root for the world champs the BOSTON REDSOX (they rock!). iv seen the BRSox play at safco field about 10 times WOW!!! iv seen big papi hit 5 home runs and manny ramiez hit 400. jon lester who had cansr and then throu a no hitter then at safco he trew me a major leage baseball. the coolest thing that ever happend to me is when jeremy bonderman came to my bithday and sighed a card and a baseball that is asom


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Hi Cole! We see yoo over at Miss Peach's (we love her teas) and at Jeter's and it is furry nice to meet yoo. We don't normally do baseball but we'll gladly root fur yoo!

Daisy said...

Hi Cole! I did not know you had your own blog. That is neat-o! See you again soon.

Princess said...
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Princess said...

ooops I made a mistake in my typing.
so, I deleeeted my comment

I like the way you are growing!

I do not like baseball at all!
but I do like boys named Cole that root for the Boston Red socks.
Do you wear red socks?
I like red socks too :-D

<3 ~ Purrrrrs

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

deer cole,
mi mom came home frum florida at midnite thursday (or wuz it friday ... i never cood understand midnite ...) so yesterday wuz wut we call a "wash."
regardin yer blog. it iz eksellent! i'm verree eksited fer u an da grate mister o'malley. it lookz grate an fabyoolus. mi mom (hoo izza teecher) sez dis izza grate place fer u to practice yer ritin ... jus be sure to alwayz yooz spell check like i do. it makez yer blog eezier to reed.
pee ess ... did u heer da one abowt da 44 pownd cat frum noo jersey? jus wunderin.

The Dutchess said...

Hi there Cool Cole,i am a cool cat from holland,nice to meet you.Lets play some baseball in my backyard..
Greets Mr Bee

Anonymous said...

Dearest Cole,

How exciting that you have your own blog! I'm thrilled for you. You are very knowledgeable about baseball, and I'm sure you are an excellent player! And your new kitty sounds wonderful. He's a very lucky kitty to live with a sweet boy like you!

Take care, dear! I'm sending you lots and lots of love and purrs and snuggles!

Your friend always,

Marilyn MonREOW