Thursday, July 31, 2008


Hi i am cole, some people now me because i am miss peaches grand bean. my new 8 mouth old cat is o'malley. he is a sweet playful cat my dad oliver and i rescuid him from the sausage factory. i am jeter harris NOMSS he is my great cat friend for more than a year now. jeter and i are dedicated baseball fans even if his team the NEW YORK YANKEES need a LITTLE help {aCATually they are rockin right now!} o'malley and i root for the world champs the BOSTON REDSOX (they rock!). iv seen the BRSox play at safco field about 10 times WOW!!! iv seen big papi hit 5 home runs and manny ramiez hit 400. jon lester who had cansr and then throu a no hitter then at safco he trew me a major leage baseball. the coolest thing that ever happend to me is when jeremy bonderman came to my bithday and sighed a card and a baseball that is asom

Tuesday, July 29, 2008